Advantages and Disadvantages of Wrought Iron Gate

Most people actually don’t know the difference between iron and wrought iron which is understandable but if you are planning to buy a gate or a fence, the difference is noticeable. Every type that you choose will have its advantages and disadvantages and you should see what suits you the most before choosing a design. If you have children or pets, then you should use something that doesn’t have sharp points or edges. The company that does the installation should give you advice about it.

If a company is trying to sell you something for a low price, you should think about it twice because there is a high chance it isn’t the material used for wrought iron gates. It is very expensive because it is hard to process the material. The design is handmade, and they need to work with a heavy material, so the manufacturers are expecting a large paycheck. If you can afford it, most people will recommend it because of its longevity.

Appearance and Durability

One of the advantages over other types of gates is the appearance. Because the wrought iron can be made in many shapes, it is best for people that like an unordinary design. There are more options to choose from then wooden gates. Look for a great manufacturer that can make your idea come to reality.

The most common advantage is durability where wrought iron stands out. It is very hard to destroy, unlike vinyl or wood. The only problem that can occur is rust but it is manageable if you maintain it correctly. After a few years, you can paint the gate and stop the corrosion. If you occasionally have bad weather or you have livestock, this is the perfect pick for you. Because it is very heavy, it should withstand any issue.


Resistance is very connected with the durability, but it has to be in a different category because besides being able to withstand a harsh environment it will last for a long time in any situation. Because it has such great options, whenever you decide to get an iron gate, you won’t make a mistake because it can get outdated. It won’t matter if you want to follow trends or just make something on your own, it can be done with the right professional.

It’s also resistant to pests that can easily ruin wood gates. If you have problems with unwanted animals in the area, with the right design that problem can be solved. You probably wonder does it have disadvantages and there are a few of them but another thing to mention is that the best security gates are made out of wrought iron.

Price and Privacy

The thing that people fear the most when it comes to buying something is the price. The price isn’t there because the material is special it is only hard to work with because of its heaviness and density. You can easily carry wooden panels and place them wherever you want, but for wrought iron, you will need a helping hand so most of the job will be done by a professional. Other metals also won’t make a drastic difference in price and the benefits will be approximately the same. The only thing that will be different is maintenance.

You won’t be able to have much privacy because most of the designs have a lot of free space between. That won’t be such an issue if you have a long yard until you get to the house or you can make a fence with some other material that can cover the view towards your house.

Installation and Maintenance

You can probably see an iron gate in your neighborhood that is rusted because of lack of maintenance. That means that the person left it for a few years without applying any rust-resistant spray or without painting it again. You will need to spend some money on the pain, but it is usually done every few years when you first notice rust forming. The installation will be in disadvantage category because iron is hard to work with compared to other types of gates. You will need to pay a few workers to get the job done and for a wooden gate, you would be able to do it yourself. Read more on this link.

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