Bring Home These Natural Home Decor

Plants are the best home decor ever invented, that not only decorate our space but also purifies the air around us. Revamping our living space is as important as changing the bedsheet of our rooms. The new-look of a house gives the people living in that space, refreshing thoughts, every day. Let us look at some of the famous and easily available indoor plants that will add charm to your house, instantly!

  1. ZZ Plant- Put your green thumb on work and bring home a ZZ plant. This plant requires less water as compared to other plants and thrives the best in indirect sunlight.
  2. Red Aglaonema- Aglaonema also known as Chinese Evergreen, is a plant with leaves that has a shade of red or pink color on them. It grows well, even if left unwatered for a few days.
  3. Lucky Bamboo- Another plant that lights up any interior has to be a Lucky Bamboo plant. Not just this plant is important to have in a house as per Vastu-Shastra, but also, it is a very less demanding plant.
  4. Croton- The leaves of a Croton plant are very innovative, but everything innovative takes time. A Croton requires a lot of light and even moisture, hence it is advised to place it near broad windows and water it well.
  5. Spider Plant- The leaves of Spider plant grow in the manner like spider legs, i.e., hanging down, towards the ground. This plant is again easy to care and requires indirect and bright sunlight with watering occasionally.
  6. Golden Pothos- The care for a Golden Pothos goes just like the Spider plant. Indirect and bright sunlight with occasional watering will make this plant all healthy.
  7. English Ivy- The key to grow English Ivy, with ease is four-hour direct sunlight and indirect sunlight for the rest of the day. Also, a steady watering to this plant will make the plant grow in a good manner.
  8. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera not only purifies your surroundings but also holds a lot of beauty benefits. The pulp of Aloe Vera helps in reducing the acne and stretch marks.
  9. Cacti- Cacti plant thrives very perfectly in direct sunlight, with water once a week in spring and summer. Whereas in winters, water a Cacti once every three-four week.
  10. Jade Plant- A Jade plant requires direct sunlight for a few hours every day, and needs water after the top-soil has dried up, i.e., after every few days. Decorate this red tip and dark green leaf plant with a contrasting vase.
  11. Peace Lily- Peace Lily is a flowering plant, and it requires medium to low sunlight. Water this plant only when the top layer of the soil seems to be dry. This plant can be placed at the house entrance.
  12. Kalanchoe- Another flowering plant with flowers so tiny and vibrant, that it will light up any boring space. This plant is in great friends with low humidity and requires a thorough watering session.

All the plants mentioned above are the best for home decor. Not only these plants brighten up your house decor, but also they keep the air in the house purified.

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