Kitchen Cabinet Door Surfaces

Ever took a look at your home’s kitchen and felt the need to make a major change, but you’re not sure where to start? You don’t need to change your stove, refrigerator, microwave, or any of your utilities.

The biggest makeover will happen through changing your kitchen cabinets! Here are some tips to update your kitchen without breaking your bank.

Paint your kitchen cabinets

A simple layer of paint can make your kitchen look like a whole new and remodeled area in your home. If you’re into a classical French country décor, it’s recommended to go with light colors such as white, off-white, ivory, or gray. Don’t be afraid to use bright or darker colors for your kitchen. Paint your kitchen cabinet door surface yellow or red colors and decorate your kitchen with blue and white to bring the charm of Spanish style into your kitchen. Choose black or dark blue to achieve the sophistication and sleekness of modern interior design.

Add hidden lights under your cabinets

It may not seem like adding lights will create much of a change to your cabinets, but it will add a big improvement to your kitchen. You don’t need to physically change your cabinets to give your kitchen a makeover. Simply install under the cabinets hidden and dimmable LED lights that you can control whenever you want to give your kitchen a warm and inviting setting. The right light will make you enjoy prepping meals in your kitchen a lot more than usual.

Go cabinet free

Remove some of your kitchen cabinet doors and transform it to an open shelf where you can show off your vintage china dishes and your antique tea set. Renovating your cabinets to an open shelf will give the illusion of space in your kitchen and bring a joyful exterior to your kitchen.

Change the wood to glass

Don’t feel restricted when it comes to choosing what your cabinets should be made out of. Replace the wood of your cabinets with clear glass to display your collection of fine china, frosted glass if you like to keep things hidden, stained glass for elegance and art deco glamour, seeded glass for a rustic shabby chic kitchen, or textured glass that you can choose the level of transparency you would like.

Be creative with renovating

Maybe the change you’re looking for in your Kitchen Cabinet Door Surfaces isn’t the color or the material, it’s something new and unique.

Change your kitchen cabinet with a little help from your crafty side. It may not sound very glamorous but consider replacing the front doors of your kitchen cabinet with chicken wire for a farmhouse appeal in your home. Replace your kitchen knobs with a less boring and traditional knob, find a charming and whimsical knob at your local flea market. Add beautiful printed wallpaper to the back of your cabinets for a pop color in your cabinets and open shelve. Don’t be afraid to mix up your cabinets, replace a couple of your cabinets with secondhand cabinets for an art deco approach.

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