Prescott Movers and Relocating Tips

There is a whole process behind successful relocating, but most people rush it and it gets messy. You might forget to bring something, or your stuff gets damaged in the process because you didn’t pack it well. You need to make a plan before even calling a moving company to help you out. Even choosing the right company isn’t done by calling the first one you find on the internet. Everything should be organized for your residential relocation, even the boxes you place your stuff in.

You can find many tips online and most of them will be beneficial, but some will consume a lot of time. Everything is in the organization and if you make a list of things you need to do, it will be much easier to get everything done on time. The list should include getting rid of things you don’t need, searching for a moving company, packing your stuff, check if it’s difficult to drop off your stuff at the location or moving it yourself where you need to check gas station locations if it’s a longer trip.

Throw Away or Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Even before making a list of what needs to be done before relocating, you can start throwing away things you don’t need. A better option would be to sell some of them because you can actually make enough money to pay for the moving company. This may include some larger items like your furniture because there might not be enough room in the place you are moving to.

There are many websites you can sell these items or even organize a yard sale but internet works faster and you don’t need to place the items in your yard. This needs to be done at least a few weeks before moving out. Selling them fast won’t be beneficial always because you can end up without a table before relocating. People will rarely buy things like mattresses from a stranger so you should throw it away.

Packing Tips

Packing is a big part of every move because it can be exciting when you are going to a new place. But it can be annoying when you have to unpack if you haven’t labeled the boxes or you used bad ones. If you don’t place everything correctly, the stuff may get damaged so some companies will ask you if you want them to do the packing. Most people don’t choose this option because it’s expensive compared to the effort involved.

The first thing is to find moving boxes at recycling drop-off points. These boxes will usually have arrows pointing in one direction so you will know how to place the items. Make sure you don’t have only one size boxes. When labeling them, besides writing if they are fragile or not, make sure you mark in which room the box goes. This will make it much easier to unpack later when everything is in its place.

If you have a heavier item, place it in the smallest box possible because it’s easier to carry that way. Don’t do it on a moving day because you’ll never know if you will need more boxes or more time to do it. Another smart idea is to use original boxes for your electronics and appliances. If you have a lot of things you won’t pack, you can call a humanitarian organization and let them pick up the stuff. Click here to read more.

Working with the Moving Company

There are some unsaid rules of the movers that they would like for people to know but they don’t want to be rude. A lot of people like to tell them what to do because it’s their stuff they are moving but they probably did the exact same thing thousand times, so they actually don’t need for you to organize them. They are their own procedure to follow so you will be just annoying them if you are constantly trying to organize them.

Information you can give them should be about what you want to load first and what last so you can use it once they transport it to the location. Another thing you need to do is to keep all the valuable stuff with you. This will include medication, jewelry and cash. To make it easier for them, inform them about the parking spot at your place because it can happen that they are not able to come close enough to make the job easier.

Arriving at the Location

When everything is well organized, and you arrive at the desired place you need to make sure they are a parking spot near it so it will be easier to unload. This can be important because some companies will charge an additional fee if they need to carry it to a certain distance. Don’t unpack your stuff as soon as they start unloading it because they need space to move more efficiently.

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Remember to leave a tip when they get the job finished and leave a review if you have time. This will mean a lot to them and if you need them again, they will remember you. When you start unpacking, make sure you unpack less fragile stuff first because fragile items may get damaged if they are in the way. The last step is the most exciting for the majority and that’s going shopping for new things you will need.

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