Bring Home These Natural Home Decor

Plants are the best home decor ever invented, that not only decorate our space but also purifies the air around us. Revamping our living space is as important as changing the bedsheet of our rooms. The new-look of a house gives the people living in that space, refreshing thoughts, every day. Let us look at some of the famous and easily available indoor plants that will add charm to your house, instantly!

  1. ZZ Plant- Put your green thumb on work and bring home a ZZ plant. This plant requires less water as compared to other plants and thrives the best in indirect sunlight.
  2. Red Aglaonema- Aglaonema also known as Chinese Evergreen, is a plant with leaves that has a shade of red or pink color on them. It grows well, even if left unwatered for a few days.
  3. Lucky Bamboo- Another plant that lights up any interior has to be
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